Release Notes:

This release consists of minor bug changes to the stable version
of vpopmail.

Probably the most significant fix was related to SMTP AUTH causing
segfaults on the amd64 platform.  We finally found the cause of
the problem and fixed it.

Also, if you're using PostgreSQL, you should now be able to enable
auth logging to the database instead of a file.


Jeremy Kister
- fix install problem on Solaris.  Some .h files
  weren't being installed correctly.

Charles Boening
- Fix logging in PostgreSQL.
- Replace --enable-{my|pg}sql-logging with --enable-sql-logging
  in configure options.

Tom Collins
- Tweaking of Charles Boening's changes.
- vchkpw: Fix problem in md5.h causing segfault in SMTP AUTH on
  amd64. [964843, 958799]
- vpopmail.h: Add new error and flag defines from 5.5 series.
- vchkpw: log webmail connections as 'vchkpw-webmail'.
- vpopmail.c: fix problem related to sending SIGHUP to qmail-send.
  Original problem could cause "Signal 1 caught by ps" error.

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