My regitrar always capitalize the name of domains for the contacts (e.g. <name>@<DOMAIN.TLD> and the messages he send to me never comes. I try to change the the e-mail and I get the message normally, but after the confirmation, the system of the registrar capitalizes the domain again...

I also try to log in my server and send message with capitalized domain name using mail command. The message has arrived normally.

I don't know what can be happen. The logs says:

@4000000041daaca439475a5c tcpserver: pid 26232 from
@4000000041daaca4394a5414 tcpserver: ok 26232 0: :

But this messages never reach the queue or the Clamav/SpamAssassim. I can't figure where this kind of messages is got blocked or reject.

My system uses vpopmail 5.3.20 with qmailscanner 1.24 and old chkuser.

I think that somebody here in Brazil already have this problem with regsitro.br, so I apreciate any help.

Thanks in advance,
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