On Tuesday 18 January 2005 03:23 pm, Brian Lanier wrote:
> Ok... Maybe I don't understand qmail as much as I thought or I can't find
> the info in the man pages. My understanding is if the domain is listed in
> virtualdomains, then qmail-send treats this delivery as local and will not
> read smtproutes.

that is correct.  In fact, qmail-send doesn't care about smtproutes at all.. 
qmail-remote does.. and qmail-remote is only called when a delivery is to be 
made to a remote host.. qmail-send determines that by checking if the domain 
is in locals or virtualdomains.

> This is where I am not clear and would love to be 
> corrected. I don't want delivery to happen on my public facing mail server,
> but I would like to run chkuser there to prevent bad mail from even coming
> into my mail system.

that's a little trickier, and requires a certain type of setup.

> I guess I understand everything you have said except for the relation
> between smtproutes, virtualdomains and how qmail process this flow. If
> anyone can clear this up or slap me upside the head with an obvious answer
> that I am missing, that would be great. Thanks

you might want to look at the PIC.* files in /var/qmail/doc for how qmail 
processes incoming emails.


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