On Monday 14 February 2005 12:11 pm, Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
> I'm a little confused about implementation of chkusr. i really want to
> implement it, as i'm tired of my paid bandwidth being chewed up by spammers
> sending tens of thousands of messages to non-existent addresses.
> instead of having a single, all-in-one server doing everything, i have
> three 'gateway' MX servers that messages come into first. they then relay
> the messages to a dedicated spam/clam server for filtering. from there,
> messages are delivered to the pop server, where customers pick them up.
> is there any way to run chkusr on these 'gateway' MX servers? i use MySQL
> authentication. The mysql server is the pop server, and i replicate that on
> the primary MX (where the majority of mail comes in). is there any way to
> 'hook' into the authentication info in the replicated database directly?
> that woudl be ideal, as it should be quite fast.
> but reading the docs, it appears i have to install vpopmail on the server
> that's going to run chkusr, and i don't much like the idea of that. i'm a
> tad worried that i might suddenly find all incoming messages being
> delivered to 'local' and going to the bit-bucket if i turn on chkusr. but
> that's just wild speculation at this point - i haven't yet installed
> chkusr, pending some insight on the matters above.
> any help appreciated.

You could try one of the goodrcptto patches to qmail-smtpd.
We have one we use for gateways to exchange servers. 
Basicly, you export a list of users to a file. Put that file on the
gateway machines. With our patch we build a goodrcptto.cdb file.
Then qmail-smtpd checks the cdb file and rejects it if it does not exist.

Ken Jones

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