on 2/28/05 7:06 AM, Ken Jones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Sunday 27 February 2005 2:42 am, Kurt Bigler wrote:
>> How are you planning on making per-user options available to individual
>> users for editing?  I thought I had read something about using SqWebmail
>> for this but I can not find the message now and can find no other
>> confirmation, and the SqWebmail info does not seem to mention any support
>> for spamassasin.
> We are almost ready to release a new php web interface that talks to the
> vpopmail daemon where we planned on adding support for this spamassassin
> stuff.

You mention "vpopmail daemon".  The only vpopmail daemon I have running is
vchkpw, used with qmail-pop3d.

I was thinking that vpopmail would only be used to provide the domain/user
organization, and a hierarchy in which preferences could be stored.  It is
my hope that these per-user settings would (if desired) influence rejection
by qmail-smtpd (i.e. via $QMAILQUEUE patch) rather than being limited to
filtering that can be set up in .qmail files.  I'm not sure if that's what
you're referring to since I don't yet understand exactly at what levels this
functionality interfaces with vpopmail.

I'm also wondering about redundancy between this and chkuser, in terms of
the need for qmail-smtpd to have access to vpopmail info at the domain/user
level.  I also haven't installed chkuser yet and don't know how it
interfaces with vpopmail.

Lacking intimate familiarity it's very hard work to assimilate all this
information and so it is vastly helpful to be able to ask these questions.
Thanks in advance.

> Hopefully we can release the new code tomorrow.

Wow.  Is what you are working on general enough to be used for per-user
preferences that outside the spamassassin realm?

In other words, if you are solving the problem of authenticating to gain
access to per-user preferences, and putting up an interface for that, can
you use hooks up front that are general enough to allow extension for other

In my case, I'd like individual users to be able to enable any of several
other other custom filtering rules having nothing to do with spamassassin.
I don't want users to have to go in more than once place, especially more
than one login to achieve this.  In other words, I'm looking at a set of
simple checkboxes for this purpose, not a general-purpose rule-entry
paradigm.  I'm sure there will be many others besides me that will want
this, sooner or later.

>> Looking forward to having this feature rolled into 5.4.
> Me too. And we have time over here to work on it.

That's great.  I can possibly help test.  I would serve well as a "dummy"
tester, as long as things are not too rough.


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