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> > I don't think vdelivermail or vpopmail in general should be calling
> > spamc/spamassassin.  Let that be handled elsewhere.  Let's stick to
> > delivering mail and deciding where it goes.
> However, lets remember that if spam is only scanned at the MTA level,
> SpamAssassin user preferences will not function if the e-mail is
> addressed to more than one sender.  Scanning in vdelivermail, at the
> level, does not have this restriction.  For that reason I still think
> there is value in scanning in vdelivermail.
> Paul
Obviously this is a current limitation in simscan, however I think the
correct behavior would be to scan once for scoring, then gather white
and black lists, modify scoring accordingly, then delete anybody who has
exceeded their threshold from the recipients list, if that list is now
null then reject the message, otherwise queue it with the trimmed
recipient list.
This could be streamlined also by first looking for any differences in
prefs, and if none are found then simply doing one pass and applying it
Or am I not aware of something in simscan that makes the above not

Nick Harring
Parus Interactive

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