On Mar 2, 2005, at 11:49 AM, Nick Harring wrote:
Obviously this is a current limitation in simscan, however I think the
correct behavior would be to scan once for scoring, then gather white
and black lists, modify scoring accordingly, then delete anybody who has
exceeded their threshold from the recipients list, if that list is now
null then reject the message, otherwise queue it with the trimmed
recipient list.
This could be streamlined also by first looking for any differences in
prefs, and if none are found then simply doing one pass and applying it
Or am I not aware of something in simscan that makes the above not

One of the benefits of simscan is that it rejects the spam. So, if a legitimate message gets tagged as spam for some reason, the sender will get the rejection notice and know that it wasn't received.

With multiple recipients, there's no way to reject the message for some but not others.

I guess it would be possible to modify qmail-smtpd to give 4xx (defer) responses for any additional recipients, forcing the sending SMTP server to send the message once for each recipient. That would hopefully only affect a small number of messages and not add a huge amount of overhead. You'd have the added benefit of spam zombies not retrying their messages (so it would act as a sort of greylisting).

Authenticated senders (relay, SMTP AUTH) wouldn't be affected. Either would email generated by the server itself (mailing list messages, cron jobs, etc.).

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