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I'm editing my Simscan + ClamAV + Chkuser installation guide at:

And I added a new part where I persuade the reader to enable some of chkuser's features that came disabled by default. To persuade the reader, I make some comments of the usefulness of each feature.

I'd like you to read and criticize my comments to prevent me teaching bullshit to the others.

The text is this bellow:


Enable some nice Chkuser features [OPTIONAL]

Chkuser has disabled by default some of it's nice features:

a.. CHKUSER_SENDER_FORMAT: checks if the SENDER of each message has the username part matching [a-z0-9_-], and the domain part matching [a-z0-9-.] with not consecutive "-.", not leading or ending "-." ==> Great for identifying spam. a.. CHKUSER_RCPT_FORMAT: Equals to the above checking, but for the RCPT of each message. Good to prevent your users to send crap to the net. a.. CHKUSER_SENDER_MX: Checks if the SENDER domain has a valid MX configured for it, thus, discovering fake domain names. Great for identifying spam. a.. CHKUSER_RCPT_MX: Checks if the RCPT domain has a valid MX configured for it. Good to discover "typos" your users do when sending e-mails.

To enable these features, we have to edit the chkuser_setting.h file and uncomment them.

vi chkuser_settings.h
Search and uncomment the line for each feature:

/* #define CHKUSER_RCPT_MX */
/* #define CHKUSER_SENDER_MX */
Save the chkuser_settings.h file with the above modifications.



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