On Thursday 30 June 2005 05:44 pm, Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
> At 03:35 PM 6/30/2005, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
> > > well, sure, i could do that, but then when they cut over here it'll
> > > bollox everything up. the domain has to be in rcpthosts on the POP
> > > server - heck, vpopmail maintains the rcpthosts/morercpthosts
> > > automatically on the POP server. I'm not clear how the server would
> > > accept new incoming mail for the domain from my own servers once the
> > > MX does cut over here if there's no entry in rcpthosts.
> >
> >you would just tell your POP server to allow relaying from the MX servers.
> okay, i presume then that there's a way to add permanent relay
> entries into the mysql database.

no need for this, just edit your tcp.smtp file and add a static entry.

> i'll have to do a little research. 
> what about vpopmail's insistence on maintaining the
> rcpthosts/morercpthosts files? will i have to manually delete the
> files after each new domain is added to the server? 

well, you want to make sure at least rcpthosts EXISTS, but it can be empty.  
if you add a new domain to the system you will have to go and manually remove 
it from the file, but vpopmail won't completely rebuild the file with all of 
the domains for you.

> sorry for all the questions.


just kidding ;)


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