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I was told to disable spamassasin for out going emails. (good point but how?)

Depends on how you have it all set up. I understand you use qmail-scanner? Basically, you want to unset QMAILQUEUE whenever RELAYCLIENT is set. The easiest way is to add a shell script to your run file. The basic run file looks like this:

   tcpserver ${TCPSERVER_OPTIONS} qmail-smtpd

So change it to:

   tcpserver ${TCPSERVER_OPTIONS} nospamforrelay.sh qmail-smtpd

Where nospamforrelay.sh is a shell script that looks like this:

   test "`printenv | grep RELAYCLIENT`" && unset QMAILQUEUE
   exec $*

Or disable it all together (can't, this IP was identified and a prime spam source when MS Exchange was running the email (go figure, someone hacked Exchange 2003).

What's that got to do with spam filtering for outgoing email?

I can find no indication that I am scanning outgoing email at all, in the Qmail scanner.

Because that's not qmail-scanner's purview. Check out The Big Qmail Picture to familiarize yourself with how things work (http://www.nrg4u.com/). Qmail-scanner gets stuck between qmail-smtpd and qmail-queue, depending on the contents of the QMAILQUEUE environment variable.

How do I find/verify and disable?

Does outbound email get tagged with X-Spam-Status headers? If so, then you're scanning them unnecessarily. If not, then you're all set.

What are the key apps I should launch to see what or who has control in qmail issues and why (i am aware of the obvious /var/log/.... and netstat and ps and the other very basics.)

vi /service/qmail-smtpd/run


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