On Aug 22, 2005, at 1:47 PM, Robin Bowes wrote:

Can someone please summarise the current status of the various versions of vpopmail?

I'm managing the 5.4 branch, Ken Jones, Rick Widmer and others are managing the 5.5 branch.

I need to integrate vpopmaild into the 5.4 branch, along with some other changes (most likely).

From SourceForge, 5.4.12 seems to be the latest dev version

By date, yes.

However, I see a v5.5.3 is available from inter7.com and on 29th July, Ken Jones said in a post [1] to the vchkpw list:

"Excellent. I'll update that 5.5.3 test version."

[1] http://www.mail-archive.com/vchkpw@inter7.com/msg22188.html

Then in a post about 5.5.3 on 19th August, Tom Collins said:

"5.4.12's vdelivermail is newer than all other releases..."

Correct. 5.5 should include most everything that was in 5.4.9, but none of the changes between 5.4.9 and 5.4.12.

The reason I'm asking is that I currently use vpopmaild but I must have an "old" version from a previous 5.5.3 install as I'm currently using vpopmail 5.4.12 which doesn't have vpopmaild. I'd like to write a plugin for qpsmtpd that talks to vpopmaild to validate local delivery addresses.

Is there any chance that all the latest code could be syncronised into a new dev. version? Or is CVS up-to-date with *all* the latest code?

I'll work on bringing vpopmaild into 5.4, and try to determine what else the 5.4 branch is missing from 5.5.

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