Hi All,
I have installed netqmail+vpopmail+qmailadmin on RHEL 3.0
I have configured multile domains on the server. And using smtproutes in /var/qmail/control to route the mails of different domains to the clients mailsrevers in remote.
I am facing problem, when one PPP link goes down to a customer all the incoming mails from the internet stucks in the qmail-queue as qmail not able to make smtp connection to the client server. In this case mail delivery to all other domain servers get delayed.
To resolve the problem I want to run multiple qmai-queue for each domain so that one domain get unaffected from the another's queue.
Anyone can please help me to do so.
Thanks in advance,
Manish Jain
Sr. Engineer [IDC]
Hughes Escorts Communications Ltd.
Plot # 1, Sector - 18
Electronic City, Gurgaon.

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