John Simpson & Robin Bowes

Do you really want the onchange function to be called three times on an add_domain operation, and two times on an add_user operation? I find it problematic that you are notified of the mod_user before the add_user, and personally would prefer only one call per operation. (That means you have to assume the postmaster user was added when you add a domain.)

At the very least I would like to block the mod_user notification in an add_user operation. I think it is a good idea to block the add_user [EMAIL PROTECTED] operation on an add_domain too. I'll handle coding it if it is ok with you two.

Finally, is there anything I should add to the readme file?

If --enable-onchange-script is added to the ./configure command
many vpopmail commands, and calls into the library will call the
script ~vpopmail/etc/onchange when they have completed execution.

When the script is called, it will be passed the following values
on the command line to indicate what was changed.

add_user        [EMAIL PROTECTED]

add_domain      domain

valias_insert   [EMAIL PROTECTED]

This is based on the onchange.2 patch by John Simpson.  Rick Widmer
changed ./ so the onchange code is only compiled when
specified at ./configure time.

Is there anything else I should do with 5.5 before I try to release it?


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