Robin Bowes wrote:

Rick Widmer wrote:
I would still argue that the hooks should match the calls in the vopmail
api, and not an arbitrary subset of the operations within them.

Why? Why not make the hooks reflect the "useful" operations rather than
just what goes in internal to vpopmail?

I think you have it backward. Returning only add-domain when someone runs vadddomain tells you exactly what happened.

Throwing in add-user and mod-user is arbitrarily picking _some_ of the internal functionality of the add-domain operation. If you want them why don't we throw in:








That's off the top of my head, there may be more. The point is, you don't need notification of the internal operations. Vadddomain is not going to change the way it works any time soon. You can count on that, just like the rest of the existing vpopmail users are.

We can end discussion of this topic here. Unless you can get a majority of the vpopmail admins to tell me I have to do it differently, the official version will return the modified name of the vpopmail operation that was initiated by the user and none of the internal operations. It will also call a single script named ~vpopmail/etc/onchange passing just enough information to identify what the user requested. It will have to be enabled in ./configure. Pretty much the way it works now. Unless you can show me a working application this will break, that is what future users need to get used to.

Next topic. What names? Where possible the names will match the daemon, since I expect that is the way most people will develop their own code. Where a name doesn't exist as a command in the daemon, we will name it. (Then add it to the daemon that way.) I know the daemon is incomplete. The problem is vpopmail valias support is also incomplete across the various back ends. The back ends (like cdb) need full valias support before the daemon gets it.

These are the names I think we should use:




Note that is is insert_alias rather than add_alias because insert_alias may or may not create a new alias, but will always insert a single line into an alias. There is no way to create an alias with no entries.



It was just an idea - I don't know the details of the code.

If you haven't yet, you might want to read through README.vpopmaild from one of the latest builds. It is pretty close to the complete set of functions available to a user of vpopmail, and their parameters. If you have questions, fire away... I can't think of a better way to expand the README file.

Anyway, that is the API we have to work with.

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