Robin Bowes wrote:
Having thought about this some more, I think that a better approach
would be to have both pre- and post- hooks for each action and to call a
separate script for each hook.

This has some possibilities. There would be an advantage if most of the hooks were empty, and a liability if there was a lot of duplicate code. It would require several identical files to support John's existing setup. I'm happy with a single script and a switch() on the command that was executed.

I would still argue that the hooks should match the calls in the vopmail api, and not an arbitrary subset of the operations within them.

Why not just store the whole .qmail as a multi-line text object?

The biggest problem, it would break every program that currently updates valias entries. The other minor detail, can every back end support it? I don't know. I use CDB, test mysql and pgsql, and can't even list all the other back ends off the top of my head. I have no idea how you would implement valias in them, and I don't believe any of them have it yet. There is very little interest in keeping them current with the big three. They usually get updated just enough to scratch the itch of the person who contributes a patch... unless you want it bad enough to pay. Inter7 and Tom Collins will both do sponsored work that usually finds its way back into the distribution.

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