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Rick Widmer wrote:
John Simpson wrote:
(1) please include the URL http://qmail.jms1.net/patches/ vpopmail.shtml in the file, so that poeple can easily find the documentation i have written (and will be maintaining) for it. i'll be watching this mailing list for any problems which people may have with it, and if any problems seem to show up on a regular basis, i will write a FAQ for those problems, either on this page, or as a new page linked from this one.

I will certainly add the URL to the README file, but I believe once it becomes part of vpopmail it needs to be fully documented within vpopmail.

i agree, it certainly needs to be documented there- especially once it becomes part of a non-beta version. however, until then (and afterwards) i want to make sure that everybody using the patch is aware of where it started, and can avail themselves of whatever other documentation i may add to it in the future.

i can see this not being necessary at some point in the future, but i would like my URL to stay in there because not everybody in the world is going to upgrade right away, and i plan to continue to offer the patches for the benefit of people who may not want to fully upgrade to a newer version of vpopmail. (i know, who would be that crazy, but remember- a very high percentage of my site's visitors find me because of "qmailrocks"...)

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