Robin Bowes wrote:

I really don't think the multiple calls cause any problem at all and add
clarity, i.e. they reflect what's actually happening rather than
requiring the sysadmin to make assumptions about what's going on behind
the scenes. For example, assuming that a postmaster user is created when
a domain is added.

I don't understand why you want to look at adding a domain and creating the associated postmaster user as separate operations. They are not. You run the vadddomain program, call the vadddomain() function or use the add_domain function from the daemon. It creates a domain and the postmaster user. you don't have any choice about it other than the password that gets assigned. The oncall results reflect the reality of the vpopmail api.

I don't expect to see that change any time soon. If it does, then you will probably have to add your own desired user after you create the domain. No matter, I'll worry about adding the the add_user call then.


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