Rick Widmer wrote:
> Robin Bowes wrote:
>> What is the problem you are trying to solve?
> No real problem, just something I consider wasteful of resources.  For
> example, if all you are doing is rebuilding a validrcptto database
> currently you are doing it three times every time you add a domain.  Two
> of them are instantly thrown away as soon as they finish.

But what problem does this cause? This only happens when managing
domains/users/aliases, etc. and does need to be particularly fast. The
extra calls won't cause any real problems and add clarity.

>>> valias_insert    [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>>> valias_remove
>>> valias_delete
>> What's the difference between valias_remove and valias_delete ?
> Assume an alias  [EMAIL PROTECTED] that forwards to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and
> valias_remove [EMAIL PROTECTED] would indicate that the alias no longer
> forwards to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> valias_delete [EMAIL PROTECTED] would indicate the alias was removed
> entirely.

What is [EMAIL PROTECTED] also forwards to [EMAIL PROTECTED] How does
valias_remove [EMAIL PROTECTED] know which alias to remove?


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