IMAP-before-SMTP is possible when using Courier-IMAP v3.x. However it only works when configured "--with-authvchkpw --without-authdaemon". When running --without-authdaemon, Courier-IMAP's authvchkpw code is able to make use of vpopmail's roaming user functions to allow IMAP-before-SMTP functionality. IMAP-before-SMTP is not possible when Courier-IMAP has been complied --with-authdaemon, because in this mode the user's IP address is not made available to the authvchkpw code (via the TCPREMOTEIP env var). Also note that in Courier-IMAP v4.x and later, --without-authdaemon functionality is no longer available thus preventing IMAP-before-SMTP from working.

Hope that helps!


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I used Bill Schupp's Qmail Toaster to install the following:

autorespond-2.0.4 - courier-authlib-0.58 - courier-imap-4.1.2 - netqmail-1.05 - toaster-scripts-0.8.1 - ucspi-tcp-0.88

Everything works as expected except for the fact that open-smtp is NOT being updated by courier-imap upon login. Pop3 logins authenticate and update the open-smtp properly. I googled and read practically all the info on this topic, but it seems that nothing I do will get courier-imap to update the open-smtp file!!

I did do::

./configure --with-authvchkpw --without-authdaemon

My tcp.smtp contains:


Have I missed something out? Any ideas or pointers will be welcome.

Much thanks and rgds. Otto Rodusek.

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