> Hi Micheal,
> Thanks for the reply. Indeed, I did use the "--with-authvchkpw
> --without-authdaemon" but it made no difference.
> If I understand your email correctly, since I'm using courier-imap 4.1.2
> it is impossible for imap authentication to update the open-smtp file??
> Hence it is IMPOSSIBLE for any roaming users to send mail?? So what's
> the solution (if any) - is it possible that ALL users who use
> courier-imap 4++ are unable to send email and this is acceptable to
> them?? Am I missing something??
The solution is simple - use SMTP-AUTH instead of imap-before-smtp.  If
they can authenticate via IMAP, using SMTP-AUTH-patched qmail can also use
vchkpw to authenticate against the vpopmail database.  I understand the
desire to make things easy for the users by letting them use
imap-before-smtp, but it's really not the best way to do things these
days...  If you really, truely must use imap-before-smtp, use a different
IMAP server.

Joshua Megerman
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