Rick Widmer([EMAIL PROTECTED])@Thu, Feb 08, 2007 at 07:49:31AM -0700:
> Otto Rodusek (AP-SGP) wrote:
> >Hi Micheal,
> >
> >Thanks for the reply. Indeed, I did use the "--with-authvchkpw 
> >--without-authdaemon" but it made no difference.
> >
> >If I understand your email correctly, since I'm using courier-imap 4.1.2 
> >it is impossible for imap authentication to update the open-smtp file?? 
> I believe that is correct.  Courier no longer provides the IP address 
> needed to authenticate roaming users.
> >Hence it is IMPOSSIBLE for any roaming users to send mail?? So what's 
> >the solution (if any) - is it possible that ALL users who use 
> >courier-imap 4++ are unable to send email and this is acceptable to 
> >them??
> SMTP Auth.  Have the roaming users login to smtp by adding a user name 
> and password to the outgoing mail server configuration of their browser, 
> and enable that function.  (The same one they use to receive mail)
> Since you are using Bill Shupp's toaster, it should already be installed 
> on your server.
SMTP Auth is the only way to go...I've tried every other method and they just 
don't work well.

~Allie D.

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