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Good morning,

Seems I am posting all over the internet these last two weeks, but I can't seem to grab my butt lately. I got FreeBSD running on the Sunfires, netqmail installed, Simscan install, ClamAV installed, everything is working fine. Last step, smtp-auth, why did I try? I should have let today end on a good note.

If you use FreeBSD, you should use Matt Simersons FreeBSD Qmail Toaster:

Why? Is this a known issue that Matt's install has found a solution for?

Mysql 4.0, also tried 4.1.

I think both are now EOL in that no timely security-fixes are provided any longer.
You have to use 5.x - though 4.x should still work, of course.

We have 4.X on several servers, several Masters, we cannot just upgrade one server in our NOC. We have to plan these things.

No errors when building, seems to work,
bash-2.05b# /home/vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Error. Domain pixelhammer.com was not found in the assign file

That should not happen.
What happens when you add a domain?
Does it get added to the assign file?

I do not want to add a domain to this server. I do not think you understand what this server is doing. See below, this server is doing *outbound* service only, there will be no local deliveries.

The one thing that is different, is I have an empty assign file. This server is used for smtp-auth *outbound* only service. So, just for fun I added the test domain to the assign file, still fails.

Did you build the cdb?


The sql-error is also not good, though I can't say what it is caused by ATM.

If you can, use Matt's toaster.

At this point I don't see how Matt's install will make smtp-auth to a MySQL vpopmail table via vchkpw, any different than what I currently have.

Netqmail works, Simscan works, normal unauthorized mail via port 25 works. I and several others have been using this server for outbound mail without problem. The only failure is smtp-auth using vchkpw. If I attempt to test a passwd using checkpassword_debug, I have the problem I stated. The same MySQL/vpopmail build, with the same configure args, works fine on three toasters handling *inbound* mail.

At this point it looks like I need a different checkpasswd program.



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