Jeremiah Gowdy wrote:
Qmailtap is exactly what I'm looking for, thanks!

Great, glad to hear it.

In response to this thread, and several similar, recent threads I've added a README.vdelivermail file to the vpopmail CVS. It should appear in the next stable release. Here it is:


Vdelivermail is the key to the proper operation of your vpopmail installation. When qmail attempts to deliver a message to a vpopmail
domain the first thing it does is look for a .qmail file that matches
the incoming address within the top level directory for the domain.
If no such .qmail-* file is found, qmail-local executes the .qmail-default file for the domain. This is the point where vpopmail
takes over the the delivery process.  Vdelivermail searches the user
database for the domain, and either delivers the message to one of its
existing accounts, or looks to its second parameter for instructions on
what to do with messages to accounts that do not exist.

For vpopmail to operate properly, the .qmail-default file in the domain
directory must be setup properly.  There should only be one line in the
file, and it must look like this:

   | /path/to/vdelivermail '' delivery-instruction

   | - The initial pipe tells qmail-local to execute a program.

   /path/to/vdelivermail - This is the program that must be executed.

   ''  This unused, empty parameter is required for historical reasons.

   delivery-instruction must be one of:

      [EMAIL PROTECTED]   - an email address anywhere in the

      /path/to/some/Maildir        - a Maildir on the local server that
                                     the vpopmail user has write access

      delete                       - Delete all mail to non-existent

      bounce-no-mailbox            - Bounce all mail to non-existent

Bounce-no-mailbox is no longer recommended, as it allows your mail
server to be used in Joe-Jobs.  It now seems better to delete all mail
to invalid addresses rather than spamming the random senders used by

When creating a domain you can use one of the following:

   vadddomain -b [EMAIL PROTECTED] [password]

   vadddomain -b /path/to/some/Maildir [password]

   vadddomain -b delete [password]

   vadddomain -b bounce-no-mailbox [password]

If you are not sure what you are doing writing .qmail files, and mucking
around the internals of vpopmail, I strongly suggest you leave this file
to the programs.  Qmailadmin is probably the easiset way to manage the
.qmail-default file once the domain has been created.

Due to the requirement that Maildirs accessed by vpopmail must be owned
by vpopmail I suggest that if you are going to use vpopmail at all that
you place all of your domains under vpopmail.  While it is possible to
continue to have system users, and other styles of qmail virtual domains
on a vpopmail system, you really have to be a qmail guru to make it all

In summary... the .qmail-default of every virtual domain MUST contain ONLY a single line that executes vdelivermail. The ONLY place you
should EVER call vdelivermail is from the .qmail-default directory of a
vpopmail based virtual domain.  There are four possible delivery options
for non-existent mailboxes that must be the second parameter to
vdelivermail.  The empty first parameter is required.

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