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Currently we have a large setup of domains and users, we have a couple of qmail boxes, which are fed by front line sendmail boxes, since its a sinch to have all todays modern anti-spam and whatever else, this way qmail machines only ever see real email (apart from answering a sendmail milter question for users existence, as much as I detest postfix, it has close to the same capabilites as our sendmails, and is apprently capable of working with vpopmail, I have followed the postfix.txt file, however it does not work, it does not deliver mail to the user, it blindly accepts mail for non existent users (who knows what it does with it anyway since it doesn't deliver to users that do exist) so has anyone actually got postfix to work with vpopmail using the current stable release? If so did you run into this problem, any hints? or is it my subconcious dislike of postfix that made me overlook something :)?

Detest sendmail? I frigging got rid of the custom mysql table enabled sendmail when it started killing the system due to a minimum three month long bounce flood and replaced it with postfix in 2003 when I work for a service provider that manages over 30 million mailboxes and handles 200 million email transactions on average daily. postfix has far more flexibility in its rules although less power/control than sendmail rulesets.

As for integrating postfix with vpopmail, I have setup two different systems. In the first one, qmail will do the final delivery and so dot-qmail is in effect. In the second system, qmail is all but eliminated. Local delivery is handled by postfix but dot-qmail capabilities were lost.

I think it is your subconscious dislike of postfix that is preventing you from exploring postfix and really make full use of its capabilities.

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