Christopher Chan wrote:

I think it is your subconscious dislike of postfix that is preventing you from exploring postfix and really make full use of its capabilities.

possibly, it may have a lot to do with all the postfix spammers, " oh why use sendmail piss it off use postfix its better", kind of like the rest of the spam we all been getting for years "mines bigger than yours" ... well sorry, I disagree I have run it before and i find sendmail just as or more flexible, but I admit it is each to our own, I only wish sendmail natively supported maildir without messy use of maildrop.

incidently I also have manage large networks, one recently a top 5 national telco in my country so your 30 million email blah blah doesnt astound me or shock me, it is however rather typical of the snotty nosed postfix spammers. I'll use cyrus with sendmail over postfix anyday, and since you have contributed nothing of consequence to this thread your opinion means as much to me as the kid who lives next door that runs his works 3 person exchange server.

My interest was in not having to change the current setup where I am now, which as I said is fed by bunch of sendmail servers that handle the job well, I was just exploring other possibilities, where I am now we certainly will not move from vpopmail because all that data on those FAS6000's would be a nightmare if something went wrong, and I'm very happy with vpopmail, its very effcient and fast.


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