Quey wrote:

[taken out of order...]

> If you feel a reply is warranted (even off list is fine), else this
> my last word on the matter.

Sorry you got caught up in this... Here is the answer I wish I would have posted long ago. I've been busy with other things...

[from the first message in this thread]

> has anyone actually got postfix to work with vpopmail using the current stable release?

Not that I know of. Vpopmail is tightly integrated with qmail, and making it work with another mail server is probably easiest if you just start from scratch.

If you have any vpopmail related questions, please start a new thread...

I did not bother to read the guys second post once I got as far as outblaze as that said enough, however,

I did.  It is the message I replied to.

> how can anything to do with vpopmail be OT ?
> I would have thought would be on topic, are you saying we can only
> discuss vpopmail and qmail related issues?

No, but I expect to see more vpopmail content than argument about sendmail or postfix. Vpopmail does not support either of them.

Postfix - used 20 times

Sendmail - used 17 times

vpopmail - used 8 times

qmail - used 2 times

This thread looks more like a sendmail vs. postfix rant to me... It does not belong here.

I am fully aware of your alliances with qmail, is this the reason?

I have no alliance with qmail, but I do subscribe to its list. Vpopmail was written as a virtual domain system for qmail long before I started using it. It is tightly integrated with qmail from top to bottom. If you, or anyone else, want to submit patches to make it work with another mail system, they will be considered. Do not underestimate the effort this will take.


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