I did not bother to read the guys second post once I got as far as outblaze as that said enough, however, how can anything to do with vpopmail be OT ? I had a private email from Wietse overnight showing me a work around, my only concern about postfix using mysql to auth user and get the dir for maildir how was it knowing/creating the users dir if not using any vpopmails utils adding users, since we do by direct INSERT into mysql where initially P/F would have no clue to its name where to put the mail, I have my answer so I don't need to carry on with this thread, however the point is vpopmail is a powerful pop3d, therefor getting "any" MTA to co-operate with it, I would have thought would be on topic, are you saying we can only discuss vpopmail and qmail related issues? Not being sarcastic, just inquiring as why you are limiting discussions, I am fully aware of your alliances with qmail, is this the reason? As I would have thought the wider available usage the better, perhaps this is why google shows no help.

If you feel a reply is warranted (even off list is fine), else this was my last word on the matter.


Rick Widmer wrote:
And this has what to do with vpopmail?

This is a VPOPMAIL list, not a sendmail list, or a postfix list. I don't mind qmail questions here, but this is way too far off topic to continue.


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