> I have multiple domains in the same IP.
> I tested Plesk with the same username in 3 different domains.
> I think the way it works is by comparing username and password and
> associate it with a domain... Not an elegant solution.
No, definitley not.

> When I try to change the password to one that exists on the same
> username for another domain it give me an error.
Ugh...  that's really messed up.  I'd tell you it's a good reason not to
use Plesk, but you're already moving away from it :)

> If it is like this I think I'm going to inform my users to add domain
> to every login.
This really isn't as big a deal as you'd think - most ISPs require this
kind of login, and for most email clients it's a one-time change.  It's
not like they have to change passwords or email addresses to something
random.  Just give them fair warning (and be prepared for a few phone
calls anyway :)).


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