Marcello Lupo wrote:
i agree with your method to bybass the problem but in this way you will be able to delete a catch all account
for the domain without notice.

This is pretty much what I did for now...

I think the best is to fix this issue making possible that the default alias is inserted in the valias table like the others (if you use aliases in database), or to let the function check both file and database.

Exactly. It needs to check for a .qmail file first since that is how qmail itself handles the situation, and I don't want to mess with that. For all aliases, valias needs to check for a file first and if it is found manage the alias in the file. If there is no existing file then it can go to the database.

The work actually needs to be done in valias, but I don't want to do anything there until I have a nice stable release for people to stick with while I add some new features.


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