Quey wrote:
Rick on a kind of related note, did you see one of my posts in the thread:
adduser processing times CDB from 27th of the 7th ?

Looking at that thread...

slow loading of users:

I have added a note in the TODO to add an -O option to vadduser like the option in vadddomain, so it can only update the .cdb file once at the end of a batch of adds. Right now I'm pretty sure the .cdb is updated for each one.

Missing some files in vdeldomain:

The current code uses unlink(), I don't think I want to do anything more when deleting files. Considering that you had to e2fsck the disk I'm not sure I could. I don't believe vpopmail ever creates files or directories with a ? in the name and have no idea where they may have come from.


learn-password can be turned on at any time with /configure; make; make install. Be sure to re-compile everything that uses vpopmail


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