Rick Widmer wrote:

Quey wrote:
Rick on a kind of related note, did you see one of my posts in the thread:
adduser processing times CDB from 27th of the 7th ?

Looking at that thread...

slow loading of users:

I have added a note in the TODO to add an -O option to vadduser like the option in vadddomain, so it can only update the .cdb file once at the end of a batch of adds. Right now I'm pretty sure the .cdb is updated for each one.

That would be good, however we have since moved to mysql and it flies, but it would still be a good idea ofr those still using cdb for sure.

Missing some files in vdeldomain:

The current code uses unlink(), I don't think I want to do anything more when deleting files. Considering that you had to e2fsck the disk I'm not sure I could. I don't believe vpopmail ever creates files or directories with a ? in the name and have no idea where they may have come from.

They were whats left after vdeldomain, they were directory names and stuff like what was there before named correctly, after i deleted the domain something must have had a hissy somewhere and was unable to remove them so renamed them with a preceeding "?", that must have something to do with unlinks work I guess, when I next have to build another box I'll do a dummy run and delete it and see what happens, maybe it was coincidence and was purely a one-off case, I wouldnt suggest doing it yourself on anything production :)


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