Steve Cole wrote:
On two (low volume) machines with vpopmail interfaced with mysql as the data store, it seemed to work successfully. I updated the database schema with no issues. This is with v5.4.21

However, when I do a "vdeluser" on either machine, the program segfaults. On both systems.

I tried it here with --enable-auth-module=mysql but don't get the segfault. So can you send me:

   The vpopmail ./configure options you are using

   The actual user/domain you are trying to delete

   The strace output

You can send it private if you wish...

Going back to 5.4.17 seemed to be no issue at all and of course, it works as expected.

Nothing within vdeluser changed between those versions, but there were changes in vpopmail.c, but nothing that stands out.

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