Carlos Collart wrote:
I am the dumbest person alive, and in charge of a vpopmail server,
I manage to drop database vpopmail

Not good... Before you do anything else it might be wise to stop qmail, and all qmail-smtp processes then back up the mail store.

the system was a production one, under the domain xx_at_aduanett_dot_hn
I have a backup with the username, name, password in a CVS format

Just one domain, or many?

how could i re-poblate the mysql directly?
insert values(xxx,hash(xxx),xx,xx) into ' <>'.vpopmail or crypt?

This may be the easiest method available. You will have to write a Perl, php or whatever program to populate the database. The password hash method depends on your ./configure options. It is pretty easy unless you have to track down hashed directories.

Another way is to save the mail and re-create the mail accounts... If you have hashed directories, it is unlikely that the same accounts will end up in the same hash directories, so this will not work.

Stop mail delivery // The mail store will be inconsistent during this process, and it is already broken.

Backup the mail store to disk or tape, so you have a place to fallback to if this process fails.

cd ~vpopmail/domains    //   Move to the domain storage directory

mv   //  save the mail

vdeldomain    //  clean out all records of domain

vadddomain    //  recreate a new empty domain

vadduser - all users from your list  //  restore the users

compare the structure of and

if it exists in but not you may want to delete the user, or find out why it is missing.

if it exists in but not in you may need to vadduser it.

Once you have reconciled the domain directories:

rm -r    //   Delete the new directory tree

mv   //   put the old mail back

repeat the steps after "cd ~vpopmail/domains" for each affected domain

restart mail delivery.

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