MysSQL has now an hardcoded  timeout of eight hours.

Courier uses it's authentication daemon with persistent attach to vpopmail/MySQL, it could be that during the night there are no requests, so MySQL connections are droppped (by MySQL).



At 09.36 04/10/2007, you wrote:

I'm running vpopmail-5.4.13 with courier-imap-4.0.2 and
courier-authlib-0.55... have noticed that each morning for example after
all the night without poping or imaping... the next time someone pop or
imap in the morning I get no errors on mail client and everything works
fine... but have noticed that 10 aborted cliets appear... in show status
in mysql... it is as this near 1 year now (since I set up that server) and
everything works fine and there's any error and everything fine... but
only those aborted clients each morning... why is this happening? I have
asked sometime in courier mailing lists but they say me to ask at vpopmail
mailing lists... and I know qmail and vpopmail both don't cause this
aborteds because I have another machine in the same way configured (of
course as the machine in wich this is seeing) but without courier because
it's only for mail scanning and have any aborted client... each machine
has it's own mysql server... and I'm totally sure this aborted happen when
courier talks to vpopmail the first time after a inactivity period... is
this normal¿? why happens this??

Have a nice day!

P.D. John (John Simpson) perhaps this could be a challenge for you :)

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