sorry for insisting but this happens when courier enters, it's the same
for pop, or imap or... in the moment courier enters in the play for imap
only imagine because you use qmail-pop there in the way I told
yesterday... after some time of inactivity happens this...

sorry for insisting

The problem does not really lie with courier.

All qmail processes run under tcpserver and are only invoked when a connection appears.

courier has this authdaemon that maintains persistent connections to mysql via the vpopmail library and so its behaviour is different from being run under tcpserver in qmail-smtpd or qmail-pop3d.

This is why it appears that courier is the problem but it actually is not. It is just that courier has a different way of being run and this was not taken into account by vpopmail because none of the relevant qmail processes run persistently.

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