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> Thanks a lot Ed! here it sais how to setup a mail system in wich you
> can have one scanning machine and a mailbox server.. this is what I'm
> trying to do... but this won't be very helpful for me in this time
> because the mailbox server it's not qmail.. so there is no sense on
> passing him rcptto.cdb or other control files...  and when I have a
> "mail hub" I have this document does but other way... my problem is
> not... how to share info between qmails to work... my main problem is
> how to handle the max incomming traffic as possible and with minimum
> machine... and I have thought that idea...
> thanks a lot anyway mate :)

If you have just one box then you're screwed because you cant magic the
processor time.

If you have greater than one box the think of ways to get virus
processing away form the box that receives the mail, perhaps if you're
in an office lan, then deploy a virtual IP address protocol, so that
one of the workstations can handle the virus scanning process at that
time... might be interesting.

Clamd can work over TCP/IP, IIRC, so too can spamassassin... Perhaps
run dedicated servers for these elsewhere.

I don't know your setup, so anything is possible really.

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