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> Not entirely,  If the main issue is timeouts during SMTP, he can move
> his scanning to '', and remove it from his external IP.  That
> will ensure he can receive an email from the outside in its entirety.
> He can throttle connections to to prevent overload, and he
> won't bounce mail due to SMTP timeouts.
> You don't want to lose a/v scanning on your external IP, so another
> qmail install, with spam-only qmail-scanner, would be the cheapest
> solution.

Why not? Moving it to a pool of AV scanning boxes would be a good idea.
I'm not suggesting that the caller be moved, but the work is moved. So
the MX gets the mail, but uses the clam client to talk to a clam server
that's in a pool... somewhere.

That would seem to be a good use of resources to me.

The resource pool could be a loadbalancer for example, if one works
with an office LAN that would be a good use of boxes that are doing
nothing more than running a xscreensaver.

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