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> I'm gonna setup a qmail mailserver for mailscanning for a huge
> site... I have think that setting a qmail with qmail-scanner for real
> time scanning could be too slow because perhaps could arrive there...
> don't know 300 simultaneos mails.. so I think that could be better to
> setup a qmail-mail-server that only does rcpt checks and mfchecks in
> the Internet site and another qmail server not listening in internet
> interface that makes mail scanning in a reasonable time and in a
> reasonable number of simultaneous scans... (don't know 50
> simultaneous for example...). The internet qmail server will pass
> from for example 50 to 50 mails to scanning qmail server... and this
> last to pass to they're respective mailservers... it's only going to
> be a scanning mailserver...
> So I have think that I could compile qmail one time and copy to two
> different locations for example /var/qmail and
> /var/qmail-scanning-server... is this possible? and is this possible
> without having two different vpopmails? two different databases for
> smtp auth... (Internet qmail scanner will be relay too) two
> differents tcp rules file... so could I share everything between them?
> What do you think about this idea have just had?

I think you should off load the processing work. Look into running a
remote clamd/spamassing, or setup multiple mail hubs jms has a guide on
that at http://qmail.jms1.net

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