ed wrote:
tests easily without adding in 35 patches like we have to make qmail

For clarity we must separate the jms projects from what you're stating
above. The "35 patches" may be so if you get them one-by-one from the
qmail.org site, but that is not so with the jms project. jms has
combined many patches into a single patch set, which makes all the work
of applying the "35 patches" much easier.

As I wrote earlier there is no one single patch that does everything we want to do even with toaster etc we still have to find and manually apply patches and hope they still work, as I also wrote we might be able to find some obscure patch that does in combo with other patches what we wont, but its all about productivity, how can you justify 3 hours on one project when using a competitors product, it can be all done in 10 minutes, that might be fine for some small office, but large corporations don't tolerate this waste.

modern-ish and then anti virus/spam/phishing/etc tests, one important factor is the milter smf-sav which asks the database server (we call) "qmaster" (a vpopmail/mysql db server) if user exists to avoid backchatter, if it does, then sendmail sends to "qrouter" which is a simple qmail/vpopmail install that accepts the mail and puts it into
the users dir (which are NFS attached) all the nfs stuff  and qmaster
and qrouter all operate on pvt address space, on second gbit port for
added protection, but of course could be run on live net interfaces
if you dont have the option of dual ethernet.

(we tried postfix with its remote recipient verification, but it cant handle the loads and even its author recommends not to use on very
busy systems, we dont use qmail on the front line boxes because we
dont have to fear breaking patches trying to incorporate RBL, SPF,
SAV,  DNS checks, badmx zone checks, bad helo, force helo, and
milter-regex to stop all home users etc etc etc, sure we might end up
geting qmail to do all these, but after how many hours, when with
sendmail its just there and adding a milter  after another milter
cant break patching like with qmail :) )

This seems more like a qmail vs postfix vs sendmail rant, but
not really, I have tried them all, and nothing comes close to the combo of Qmail and Vpopmail for performance, stability reliability.
Which is why wee went down the track we did.
seriously, qmail isn't that much of a big deal to implement. It's very
well thoughtout and if you value the unix modus vivendi then you can
See my earlier comments... time wasting...

P.S. does 'wizzard' work on your sendmail?

whats wizzard? I've heard of it, but I've heard of several things called wizzrd, each to their own.



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