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I think you should off load the processing work. Look into running a
remote clamd/spamassing, or setup multiple mail hubs jms has a guide on
that at

I agree he needs to offload, but the jms1 way seems very cumbersome.

We have sendmail boxes as front line, that do all the pre-connect tests easily without adding in 35 patches like we have to make qmail modern-ish and then anti virus/spam/phishing/etc tests, one important factor is the milter smf-sav which asks the database server (we call) "qmaster" (a vpopmail/mysql db server) if user exists to avoid backchatter, if it does, then sendmail sends to "qrouter" which is a simple qmail/vpopmail install that accepts the mail and puts it into the users dir (which are NFS attached) all the nfs stuff and qmaster and qrouter all operate on pvt address space, on second gbit port for added protection, but of course could be run on live net interfaces if you dont have the option of dual ethernet.

What do you use for recipient verification on sendmail?

milter-sav (in recipient mode only)

the rest wont be commented on, since it'll be mine is bigger than yours BS and Rick has already ruled postfix/sendmail comments clearly OT and not tolerated.


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