OK then so I could have a box in wich I do...

take qmail sources and patch them with johns (great and nice) patch...

make setup check and ./config-fast fqdn
after this

after this

change /var/qmail for /var/qmail-scanning-server in conf-local... and again
./config-fast fqdn

after this setup proper supervise scripts and I could share between two
qmails vpopmail (and his ddbb), tcp.smtp.cdb file and all and only have to
be careful that when I add a domain with vpopmail or anything else to
rsync files modified by vpopmail in users for Internet qmail... and in
internet qmail to have smtproutes file throwing all mail passed rcpt to
check (that will be of course on Internet server) to localhost listening
qmail server that scans mail... then this is all? am I wrong?

and that's it??¿ there's no any known reason because this could crash... I
mean there's no specification by John Simpson or Dan Bernstein that this
shouldn't done then?

Thanks a lot thruthly
P.D. If this works great I'll share with you it, make some howto, or
scripts for syncing qmail control directories or... :)

>> So I have think that I could compile qmail one time and copy to two
>> different locations for example /var/qmail and
>> /var/qmail-scanning-server... is this possible? and is this possible
>> without having two different vpopmails? two different databases for smtp
>> auth... (Internet qmail scanner will be relay too) two differents tcp
>> rules file... so could I share everything between them?
>> What do you think about this idea have just had?
> You cannot compile qmail one time and install in two locations. You need
> to change conf-qmail for the second installation.
> After make setup check of the first install, do 'echo
> "/var/qmail-scanning-server" > conf-qmail; make setup check'
> Nor do you need two different vpopmails. They can share the same
> databases...the problem really is keeping the configuration files in
> sync or just symlink /var/qmail-scanning-server/users/assign to
> /var/qmail/users/assign and other files that vpopmail touches.


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