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> OK then so I could have a box in wich I do...
> take qmail sources and patch them with johns (great and nice) patch...
> make setup check and ./config-fast fqdn
> after this
> after this
> change /var/qmail for /var/qmail-scanning-server in conf-local... and again
> ./config-fast fqdn
Close, but this will actually not work.  The value in conf-qmail gets compiled 
in, so you need to do a "make clean; make setup check" again after changing 
it.  My suggestion is that you actually keep 2 copies of your qmail source 
tree in case you need to recompile for whatever reason, that way you know 
you're rebuilding the correct one...

> after this setup proper supervise scripts and I could share between two
> qmails vpopmail (and his ddbb), tcp.smtp.cdb file and all and only have to
> be careful that when I add a domain with vpopmail or anything else to
> rsync files modified by vpopmail in users for Internet qmail... and in
> internet qmail to have smtproutes file throwing all mail passed rcpt to
> check (that will be of course on Internet server) to localhost listening
> qmail server that scans mail... then this is all? am I wrong?
> and that's it??¿ there's no any known reason because this could crash... I
> mean there's no specification by John Simpson or Dan Bernstein that this
> shouldn't done then?
Multiple qmails using one vpopmail isn't something I've done, but multiple 
qmails on one box is something many people have done, including myself.  
There's no reason I can think of that sharing vpopmail would be a problem as 
long as you had all the right config files in place.


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