Both qmail-smtpd instances can share the tcp.smtp.cdb file without trouble. Now that you actually brought up routing...I see that I have made a mistake. You must do your scanning with the /var/qmail instance or which ever vpopmail does it changes on. The other qmail instance must be the one that faces the internet. That should share the same rcpthosts file with the vpopmail supported qmail. Then you setup smtproutes to point all the domains to the scanning instance (/var/qmail). I have not looked at John's patches but I suspect you might need something else for recipient verification on the Internet facing instance...does your vpopmail installation support mysql?

John Simpson's validrcppto will handle user verification provided you build the cdb file with his mkvalidrcptto script for the Internet facing qmail instance if your vpopmail does not use mysql. Also, the scanner instance will then not need recipient verification support at all.


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