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Manvendra Bhangui wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-01-12 at 08:22 -0600, Matt Brookings wrote:
>> Okay.  I can definitely see how this would work.  It is a reasonable
>> solution, and I'd be very interested to see a completed patch against
>> the CVS head.
> I have completed the patch.
> How do I use CVS? I know very little of CVS. But any pointers would
> help. I anyway would want to learn using cvs as it would benefit me in
> using it for my own projects.

$ export CVSROOT=:pserver:vpopmail.cvs.sourceforge.net/cvsroot/vpopmail
$ cvs co vpopmail

Generate a patch off that please.

> Apart from providing backfill(), the patch also provides an
> authentication module for courier-imap (which I am maintaining). The
> executable authindi needs to be copied to courier-imap's authlib
> directory.


>> It would be interesting to see a more efficient method where duplicates,
>> as in your example, the hash directory 2, could be listed a single time.
> I get the point. Will work on this but would take some more time. This
> would be easier to do in MySQL though.

It would be best if this feature was added to the vpopmail HEAD sooner rather
than later.  This change will most likely not be backwards compatible with the 

Does your patch take into account that dir_control is occasionally inside a
database, or does it only work with the CDB backend?  It's okay if it doesn't
yet, but we definitely need it to in the future.

> If someone could work on a script which does ls on the domain
> directories and creates this file, the script would then fulfill the
> needs of some of us who needs backfilling. I can do this script probably
> this Saturday. Let me know if this is also needed.
> Dave,
> Your dircheck.sh script could shorten the development time for me. I
> just will have to subtract your numbers from 100.

I'm currently working on a new quota system for vpopmail, and trying to 
all the bugs and various patches into something manageable for the future.  
I'll see
if I can throw this together before the end of the week.
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