> Joshua Megerman wrote:
>> One last note - the idea of maintaining a list of backfill "slots" in a
>> text
>> file is a pretty good one, but it still doesn't address the issue of not
>> properly calculating the number of users in a directory...
> What are you referring to when you say it doesn't properly calculate the
> number
> of users?  The current hashing structure keeps track of additions only.
> Once users
> are removed, it is no longer up to date with correct user counts.  That's
> what
> we're addressing with this proposed patch.

Hmm...  you may be right (that's the problem with posting first thing in
the morning).  The issue probably is more of a factor for existing systems
that have done lots of adds & deletes over time than for new
installations.  As long as you provide some sort of script to properly
calculate the new backfill info file, I suppose the issue becomes moot. 
Of course, there's still the issue of overpopulated directories and moving
them out, but that's a different problem...


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