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Eric Shubert wrote:
> I'm working on bringing vpopmail-toaster (part of the
> http://www.qmailtoaster.com suite) up to the current vpopmail, while at
> the same time adding ldap support (vpopmail-toaster presently uses mysql
> exclusively, at vertion 5.4.17). The plan is to allow for either mysql
> or ldap as the backend, with a migration path (conversion script) for
> going from mysql to ldap.
> What would you recommend as an upgrade path? Get to 5.5 before adding
> ldap, or add ldap before jumping to 5.5? Your input about considerations
> either way will be appreciated.

I'm hoping to get the LDAP patch completely updated and mostly re-written
for stable 5.5.  We've established some OIDs for this purpose.  You may
want to wait on the LDAP support.  Fortunately, 5.5 supports authentication
modules, rather than compiling them in, so your toaster can easily support
any authentication backend without any changes to the main configuration.

One other thing to keep in mind, is that 5.5 is a development version, and
while I'd love to see more people using it, and thus providing more feedback
about issues, it's worth repeating that it is a development version at this
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