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Eric Shubert wrote:
> Wow! vQadmin-toaster has been broken (in part) for quite some time. It
> was fine for inquiries, but when adding domains it did some screwy

I'm not quite sure what you mean by vQadmin-toaster.  We use vQadmin
in production on thousands of systems with no issues.

> things. I don't know if it was just the toaster version or what. I
> simply used the CLI and went on with life. Word was that inter7 was
> dropping vQadmin. I take it that vQadmin is back in the works? If this
> is fixed in 5.5, that will make some folks very happy.

We're by no means dropping vQadmin, we just haven't had any significant
updates to provide in recent months.

> I like your thinking. How soon can you have 5.5 working with LDAP for me
>  to test?

I hope to have it in the next few months :)

> There are probably a few folks in the toaster community who would be
> happy to test 5.5 with mysql as long as I can give them a binary rpm to
> install with. I'd like to make that process fairly automated (scripted)
> though, given the apparent frequency of changes. I suppose now's not too
> soon to begin getting test versions to them?

5.5 with the MySQL backend is ready to be tested.  I don't expect any major
changes in the module API, or in the MySQL module.

> Are there any mysql schema changes in 5.5? I already have the 5.4.18
> domain name length change covered. Anything since 5.4.18 that will need
> conversion of vpopmail database?


> I see you're fixing quotas as well. That will be a welcome change.

Quotas should be working in 5.4.28, and in 5.5.  There's some additional
work to be done, of course, but the core is there and should be working.
The main difference between 5.5 and 5.4.28, is that 5.4.28 leaves the
original semi-broken quota code in place as a fall-back, if the vusage
daemon isn't running.

As of now, 5.5 requires the vusage daemon to report disk usage.  It's a matter
of tuning the daemon to be as efficient as possible, so it continues to be
a disk I/O saver, even on larger systems.

> We'll try our best to do our part.

Glad to hear it.  Let me know if you come across any issues (or successes :)
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