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Eric Shubert wrote:
> I'm inclined to wait for 5.5, especially since we'll be needing to
> upgrade to qmailadmin along with it. Are there any other packages that
> will be associated with 5.5?

Do you mean packages that 5.5 is dependant on?  I don't think we'll ever
bring vpopmail to a state like that, other than with qmail I mean.

As far as packages that will rely on 5.5, qmailadmin's 1.4 branch relies
on 5.5.  There will also be a vQadmin release that will rely on 5.5.

> Do I understand correctly that you will not be getting to the LDAP
> portion of of 5.5 until the base part is stable?

I hope to have the LDAP change done for the 5.5 stable.  5.5 is a big change
from 5.4, and so I want any other big changes, like a re-working of the LDAP
schema, to go along with the other big changes, rather than a series of big
changes users have to constantly worry about.

> I don't want to pin you down to a time, but what timeframe do you 'feel'
> 5.5 be stable? Closer to 2 months or 6 (or more)? Will that be with or
> w/out LDAP?

It will be at least 2-3 months away, but should be less than 6, hopefully
with the LDAP update (as well as many other changes).

> FYI, I'll have more resources available for testing with LDAP than
> without, if that makes any difference. I'm guessing that there aren't
> many ldap users out there.

There's plenty of LDAP users, but I doubt they're planning on using 5.5
in it's development form.  :)

Anyone using 5.5 is a major help to me.  I can only put it in production
in so many places.
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