Matt Brookings wrote:
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Eric Shubert wrote:
I'm inclined to wait for 5.5, especially since we'll be needing to
upgrade to qmailadmin along with it. Are there any other packages that
will be associated with 5.5?

Do you mean packages that 5.5 is dependant on?  I don't think we'll ever
bring vpopmail to a state like that, other than with qmail I mean.

I meant the the next part. Sorry I wasn't very clear on that.

As far as packages that will rely on 5.5, qmailadmin's 1.4 branch relies
on 5.5.  There will also be a vQadmin release that will rely on 5.5.

Wow! vQadmin-toaster has been broken (in part) for quite some time. It was fine for inquiries, but when adding domains it did some screwy things. I don't know if it was just the toaster version or what. I simply used the CLI and went on with life. Word was that inter7 was dropping vQadmin. I take it that vQadmin is back in the works? If this is fixed in 5.5, that will make some folks very happy.

Do I understand correctly that you will not be getting to the LDAP
portion of of 5.5 until the base part is stable?

I hope to have the LDAP change done for the 5.5 stable.  5.5 is a big change
from 5.4, and so I want any other big changes, like a re-working of the LDAP
schema, to go along with the other big changes, rather than a series of big
changes users have to constantly worry about.

I like your thinking. How soon can you have 5.5 working with LDAP for me to test?

I don't want to pin you down to a time, but what timeframe do you 'feel'
5.5 be stable? Closer to 2 months or 6 (or more)? Will that be with or
w/out LDAP?

It will be at least 2-3 months away, but should be less than 6, hopefully
with the LDAP update (as well as many other changes).

I can deal with that timeframe. I don't expect to be going to 5.5 without ldap, but that could change. Sometimes a series of smaller changes is easier to swallow.

There are probably a few folks in the toaster community who would be happy to test 5.5 with mysql as long as I can give them a binary rpm to install with. I'd like to make that process fairly automated (scripted) though, given the apparent frequency of changes. I suppose now's not too soon to begin getting test versions to them?

Are there any mysql schema changes in 5.5? I already have the 5.4.18 domain name length change covered. Anything since 5.4.18 that will need conversion of vpopmail database?

I see you're fixing quotas as well. That will be a welcome change.

FYI, I'll have more resources available for testing with LDAP than
without, if that makes any difference. I'm guessing that there aren't
many ldap users out there.

There's plenty of LDAP users, but I doubt they're planning on using 5.5
in it's development form.  :)

Hehehe. Count me in with that group!

Anyone using 5.5 is a major help to me.  I can only put it in production
in so many places.

We'll try our best to do our part.

-Eric 'shubes'


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