Matt Brookings wrote:
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Christopher Chan wrote:
Hello all,

Is this at all possible?

Right now I use postfix and I only have a qmail queue just for vpopmail
to install but qmail is otherwise not at all involved.

We'd love to see vpopmail work with Postfix, but I just don't have enough 
with Postfix to do this.  It would be nice for vpopmail to have a 'forward-end' 
for working with different MTAs, but as I said, my Postfix experience is rather 

Right now I can use either maildrop or dovecot's lda with postfix. No injecting into a qmail queue for final delivery into the vpopmail mail store. Are you saying you would like a vpopmail lda for postfix? Something that supports dot-qmail rather than whatever maildrop or dovecot provides?


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